Don´t strive for perfect.
Just do the best you can.

In this age of digital photography, almost anyone is considered to be a photographer as long as he/she has an index finger capable of pressing the shutter release. And let’s face it, out of 100 frames, 5– 10 % ought to come out half decent. Even if you don´t have any knowledge of photography whatsoever.
It kind of follows the notion that if you leave a monkey alone with a typewriter long enough, he’ll eventually become a Nobel prize winner in literature.

My aim with photography is not to create images that are dramatic and expressive. Images that can convey and evoke emotions.
I do not strive to develop my vision and my photographic craft. My aim is not to bring the beauty of nature to light in a fresh way in order to inspire and nourish people.The story, light and composition are not important parts.

I don´t strive for perfect. I just do the best I can.

My home base is in and around Gothenburg, on the Swedish west coast, and the themes for my motives mainly orbits around “the sea” and “shipping”. Luckily, since water and shipping are naturally closely linked, it means that 1 image often ticks 2 boxes at the same time. It´s  pretty handy and saves me a lot of time.

But apart from sheer convenience, there are other reasons to why I find these two subjects so fascinating.

My allure for water and the sea – comes from the fact that I believe there’s something about water that draws and fascinates us all. Being around water gives our brains and our senses a rest. There’s simply less information to take in.
Our brains don’t shut down — they keep working, but in a different way

My interest in shipping – comes primarily from family heritage and a still growing personal interest. But also, from the obvious link to water – and waterways, an essential ingredient to this type of transportation throughout the World.

There’s also a part of my ship photography that is more documentary. However, it´s not my intention to include that type of photos here. But if something interesting gets caught in the viewfinder it may occur. Anyone who is interested in that kind of photos are welcome to visit my page on ”Ship Finder” instead.

As the attentive readers may notice, I´m also a ZIPPO-collector. The specialty here is of course ”shipping lines” and ”cruise lines”. And also on an amateur level. I have made a special section on the ZIPPO topic which might be more enjoyable than my photography for some.